Kevin A. Wang

Hi I am Kevin Wang. I'm currently a PhD student at Brown University. I have a blog that I update once every half-decade.

Research and Academic Plans

I'm interested in computational game theory. To be less vague I am interested in how we can make AI agents that can play games well, both empirically and theoretically. Empirically, as in programming AI agents that beat humans or other bots. Theoretically, as in coming up with methods that provably approximate a Nash equilibrium strategy (or some other desirable strategy). For the time being I'm interested in imperfect-information, two-player, zero-sum games. Examples: recon blind chess, dark chess, stratego, and card games like heads-up NLHE, gin rummy, etc. Maybe fighting games too?

I started doing research in 2020/2021 with the help and guidance of Stephen McAleer.
I spent a year (2022-2023) as an AI Resident at Meta AI (FAIR) in NYC working with Noam Brown and Gabriele Farina.
In Fall 2023, I started a PhD at Brown University with Amy Greenwald.

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hobby statistics tracker

I like to play the piano. I am bad at chess. I am below average at poker, super smash bros melee for the nintendo gamecube, and dota 2 (despite logging ~2000 hours in it). I'm OK at competitive programming.

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